The best stop smoking products on the market

Our knowledgeable staff are all ex-smokers and we realize the process of becoming smoke free can be intimidating.  We have created a clean comfortable environment with knowledgeable staff here to guide you through the process.  There are multiple components that goes into custom tailoring the appropriate solution for you.  We have carefully selected hardware components for virtually every budget which our staff use to customize the appropriate solution for you.  When it comes to taste, we carry juices designed to taste very close to the cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis.  We realize vaping water melon taffy could be completely foreign to you like it was to us when we first started vaping.  All of these hardware components and flavors are on display at our store for you to touch, feel and even sample.  Stop in today and have an experience similar to the ones our customers have enjoyed 

“I smoked for 30 years and tried everything to quit. I decided to visit Standard Vapor where I was helped by their knowledgeable staff. I had a very pleasurable experience and have not had a cigarette in over 3 months.”
- June N.
“I smoked for 42 years and decided enough was enough. I tried gum, Blu e-cigs, hypnosis, lozengers and nothing worked worked. I bought a set up at Standard Vapor and haven’t had a butt in 7 months. Standard Vapor works.”
- Ricky L.
“The first cigarette I had was 35 years ago and thanks to Standard Vapor the last cigarette I had was 8 months ago” - John P.